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Wafuu translates from Japanese to English as "Japanese Style." To make a wafuu table you will need a table with short legs. In the example here, we used a round activity table where we have simply taken off the adjustable legs. Add some durable soft pillows and you have a traditional Japanese style table in your classroom.

Note - This Wafuu page goes with it's sister page - Floor Pillows/Cushions. Here, we use non-traditional dense foam cushions to be used on the floor with the Waffuu tables.

Adapted Wafuu Round Table

Cheryl David 3rd Grade

  1. Tip Table upside down

  2. Use allen wrench to unscrew legs

  3. Ask the custodian if he has any cap glides from other tables that would fit over the legs?

  4. If not, you can make a small cross slit in four tennis balls to be your base.

  5. For pillows, DO NOT buy cloth covered pillows! They go flat fast and get very dirty in a classroom environment.

    Note- See my latest recommendations for cheap vinyl and dense foam solutions at 
    Floor Pillows/Cushions. 

  6. For the boat cushions, cut tags off pillows so students will not tug on them and loosen stitching. Also cut off the black carry straps.

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