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The table and seating links presented
are examples of furniture utilizing a caster wheel base to easily move the
furniture to create in the moment learning spaces within an environment.


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Arenson Office Furniture
8185 Camino Santa Fe
San Diego, California 92124

Perry Arenson
858 453- 2411



 21st Century Learning Environments

"The term learning environment suggests place and space – a school, a classroom, a library. And indeed, much 21st century learning takes place in physical locations like these. But in today‟s interconnected and technology-driven world, a learning environment can be virtual, online, remote; in other words, it doesn't have to be a place at all. Perhaps a better way to think of 21st century learning environments is as the support systems that organize the condition in which humans learn best – systems that accommodate the unique learning needs of every learner and support the positive human relationships needed for effective learning. Learning environments are the structures, tools, and communities that inspire students and educators to attain the knowledge and skills the 21st century demands of us all."
21st Century Learning Environments (Partnership for 21st Century Skills White Paper


Resources in Physical Space Design



Virco Inc.

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In the practice of creating 21st century learning environments much of the attention and detail by many educators unfortunately has been focused on putting 21st century electronic technology into classrooms that remain both physically and pedagogically structured in the 20th century.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills have done fantastic work to provide a foundation for 21st century learning environments that school organizations all over the world must work toward and in short, have planted a seed here.