TLC - The Learner's Cloud 

Groupwerk's TLC - The Learner's Cloud is a collection of content creation web apps, digital media tools and K-12 educational links. These hand-made directories are organized to assist students, parents and teachers personalize their own digital space experience.

GROUPWERK Workshops:
  • Google Apps & Curriculum Maps
    Google Apps are cloud-based web applications accessed with a web browser over the Internet. Here we first unpack Google Drive using Google Docs to create unit planning templates organized in a school curriculum map also created as a Google Docs template. All free with a Google/Gmail account.

  • Digital Media Literacy in the Cloud
    In terms of being a literate person, the historical definition of literacy embodies one's ability to read with comprehension and write with meaning, on paper. Since the dawn of the digital world in the 1980's, our definition of literacy has expanded to include all forms of digital media, including: text, hypertext, audio, still images and moving images. The key for educators, now and in the future is to expand and continually define literacy with the digital and social media of the times.  In this workshop we first explore, receptive literacy practices of comprehension and critical thinking with a variety of digital media, and second, expressive literacy practices of content creation with cloud-based web apps. 

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