The Big Picture to constructing understanding

Constructivist Learning Design

Constructivist Units of Study

Constructivist Learning Design

1. Constructivist Theory
We construct knowledge and understanding through our own experiences of the world

2. Inquiry-Based Learning

Learning by questioning through a research process

+ Project-Based Learning 
Learning by making
The Maker Movement
3. Thriving Students in a Well-being Learning Environment

Crafting engaging learning environments where students feel happy, healthy and prosperous     

Thriving Students
In a Well-being Learning Environment 
Books - Engaging Learning Environments 

Constructivist Units of Study

1. Curriculum Mapping
Curriculum Map Templates
 Content Standards
2. Inquiry/Project-Based Unit Development
Unit and Lesson Planning Templates 
Web-based Project Builder Apps

3. Blended Learning Instructional Strategies (BLIS)

Blended Learning is defined here as using the combination of face-to-face content and activity with digital content and activity.

The BLIS model integrates analog and digital tools and media in- 
  • Face-to-Face classrooms utilizing inquiry & project-based instruction, combined with a
  • Rotation schedule of learning spaces or environments (including, but not limited to)
    • Learning Commons, Makerspace, Learning Labs, Learning Studios, Physical Education, Outdoor Education and Community-based Education.
Differentiated Instruction
Professional Development and Professional Learning Community (PLC)
STEAM/Integrated Studies
  • Building with Objects
  • Design and Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Having a school Makerspace
Visual Literacy (reading images)
  • Environment
  • Concept/Thinking Maps
  • Photographs/Graphics
  • Video
Online Software
  • Classroom Chromebooks
  • eReaders
  • Learning Commons and Makerspaces Desktop Computers
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