Library/Media Center

Many new and existing school libraries are being transformed into 21st-century media centers and gathering places for students. This space is no longer a large room filled just with books and tables. It is now a community learning center made up of mobile and fixed zones with a variety of media, technology and powered furniture.

Library zones may include, but are not limited to the following areas and learning spaces.

  • Gathering Zone
  • Charging Zone
  • Book & Device Checkout/Tech Support Bar
  • Cafe Zone
  • Display Zone
  • Classroom Zone
  • Internet Research/Writing Zone
  • Book Shelving 
  • Teaming Spaces
  • Study Spaces





Here are six key areas I specialize to craft a
21st Century Library with schools.

  1. Desks and Tables

  2. Seating

  3. Area Carpets and Mats

  4. Mobile Storage

  5. Audio/Visual 

  6. Digital Devices

See a 21st Century Library I crafted from a traditional library setup at Mission Bay High School.

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