FAV Directory Furniture/Audio/Visuals for Engaging Learning Spaces

Mooreco Space Planner - Floor Plan your Learning Space

This FAV Directory is fashioned after Transformative Learning Space Design that embodies the pedagogical change from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning. Here, the physical learning space itself plays a key role in our students mental and physical well-being and becomes embedded with a school’s overall social and emotional learning plans. Traditional learning spaces designed with a singular purpose are transformed to multi-purpose learning spaces. This transformation from 20th-century to 21st-century learning spaces uses a new lexicon to describe the metamorphosis from:

    1. Classroom to Learning Studio
    2. Library to Learning Commons
    3. Lab to Makerspace
    The locking caster wheel as a game changer
    within learning spaces

    As classrooms and labs become more flexible and multipurpose, we start to look at the whole space (typically 960 sq. ft.) laid out with groupings of micro learning spaces and micro making spaces. In libraries, we typically have more area space to work with and can craft larger groupings of learning zones

    Please contact me as I would be happy to consult with you on a deeper level as a Learning Environment Consultant. In my FAV Directory, I'm advocating what I call, MobiMod (mobile and modular) furniture and A/V equipment to help spark activity and engagement in a variety of learning spaces that provide students a safe nest. Doug McIntosh

    Active Sitting

    For all the students sitting quietly in class, needing to get their wiggles out

    Active Standing  Self Adjustable Sit Stand Tables

    Because I don't want to sit on my bum all day

    Fixed Adjustable Height
    Self Adjustable Height

    Mobile Storage

    The alternative to student assigned seating begins here
    Wafuu, Occasional and Cafe Tables (fixed-height)

    Variety is the spice of learning

    Collaborative Tables 

    Working at school like adults work @ work

    Multimedia Tables & Carts 

    We're all plugged in

    Audio and Visual Displays

    Let's experience the world right here in class

    Whiteboards, Glassboards and Active Walls

    These walls speak to kids

    Lounge Seating - Soft Furniture

    Who says learning has to be hard?

    Kozmic Collection Coming Soon
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