Mobile Easels

Many teachers just hate using a cheap flimsy tripod-legged easel with chart paper. Once you get the darn thing to stay up you don't want to move it and hope the students don't knock it over. Get a mobile easel with casters that has whiteboards on both sides and a hook system for chart paper. Mobile easels are great for group work and help students get going to create visuals for their team and class. Mobile easels also work as a handy partition separating one small group from another in an open space like a classroom. Virco and Safco have a variety of great easels with casters for engaging learning spaces.

Virco Easels with Casters

Vicro Equipment for Educators Online Catalog

Virco Inc.

2027 Harpers Way
Torrance, CA 90501

Contact: Mark Friesz  
(800) 448-4726 x 142

Safco Easels with Casters

Safco Mobile Whiteboards

Safco Mobile Whiteboards are available at: 

Arenson Office Furniture

Arenson Office Furniture

8185 Camino Santa Fe 
San Diego, CA 92121 

Contact: Perry Arenson
(858) 453-2411

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