Collaborative Learning Spaces - Definitions 


: very attractive or pleasing in a way that holds your attention 
: tending to draw favorable attention or interest 

alluring, appealing, attractive, captivating, charismatic, charming, enchanting, fascinating, magnetic, enthralling, gripping, mesmerizing, riveting, spellbinding, enticing, tantalizing, exciting, interesting, intriguing, beckoning, inviting, winning, delightful, pleasing

Engagement is the wonder word many educators use to describe how teaching and learning embodies twenty-first century learning environments. However, engagement just doesn't happen because a district or school have purchased the latest technology or cool furniture.

Mobimod Eclectic

A learning environment made up of a variety of mobile/modular furniture (-NOT just one class set of the same student desks and chairs). 

Mobimod™ Physical Space Design

In relation to Collaborative Learning Spaces, MobiMod™ physical space design is the orchestrated use of mobile/modular furniture and technology that helps facilitate student engagement within a face-to-face learning environment.

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