Area Carpets

First, one of my great hopes is that all classrooms can be carpeted wall-to-wall in the coming years. Carpet technology has really come along way and could open up the door (or should I say floor) for collaborative learning spaces and the idea that secondary students could actually get off hard plastic chairs and work in softer furniture if it were covered with a quality carpet. 

Whether you have carpet flooring or not, area carpets create micro learning spaces just for the fact that they boldly define a space within a room. 

Here is are several examples:

This is also a lead in for using bean bag chairs, PE quality vinyl mats, wedges, interlocking soft floor matting, pillows and reading pillows! We all started our learning on the floor, why would we stop these options when students get past their primary years?

Soft Flooring and Mats

Interlocking mats portable PE mats are extremely durable and cleanable, not to mention make awesome learning spaces for academics. 

Here are several examples:

   Alessco Interlocking Soft Flooring Mats


Resilite Folding Mat

Pillows and Reading Pillows

Once the classroom has a carpet, area carpet or mats on the floor, you can add some durable vinyl pillows that can be wiped down and cleaned easily.

Here are several examples:

Variety of Pillows Sets from Lakeshore

Lakeshore Reading Pillow DD282 for Young Children

BedLounge (great for older students in rooms with carpeting or mats)

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