Audio/Visual products are essential in engaging classrooms as all students and teachers have greater access to hear each other, see images clearly and read educational content from all media sources within a room location. 

In the AV categories below- I have researched and organized specific technology and fixtures deemed worthy of my MobiMod™ recommendations. I do this for my clients based on my experience and expertise with these products in K-12 schools. I team and work directly with a select number of hand-picked vendors. Together, we provide our clients with quality AV products and services from learning space planning and design, to installation and system integration. I can save you time and money in creating your vision for 21st century learning spaces.

Please contact me as I would be happy to consult with you on a deeper level as a Learning Environments Specialist. I'm not just promoting products here, I'm selling engagement to help transform student understanding within the curriculum.

Note- This is only a public introduction page. I have specific manufacturer/vendor products, services and pricing to share with my clients and their associates to meet district, school and/or individual learning space needs.

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