GROUPWERK embodies design that reflect images of students thinking, conversing and making together. It is the educational consulting service of Doug McIntosh with three connected features of Learning Design, Physical Space Design and Digital Space Design. Together, these interworking designs are essential in crafting engaging learning environments. 

Dedicated to all the students sitting quietly in class, needing to get their wiggles out. 

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diy Learning Spaces Feature
IKEA Hack: 
Medical Overbed Table To Student Standing Table
My father had one of these "Medical Overbed Tables" when he was convalescing at home. I found it later in a storage shed and asked my mom if I could have it. I took it home, spray painted the whole thing black, and in honor of my father, christened it, "Bud's Barbecue Buddy." I used the pneumatic adjustable height table as part of my barbecue gear in laying out food, before and after grilling. Unfortunately, I left it out in the rain several times and the particleboard laminate top started to buckle. So, I came up with a new idea that I think my dad would have liked very much. Read more...

Learning Design  


 Teaching students to observe, question and research by: reading for information, writing with purpose and accuracy and communicating this information to a community of learners.

Structured Inquiry Workshop: Topic HotLists

Physical Space Design 


Digital Space Design 


Groupwerk's TLC - The Learner's Cloud is a collection of content creation web apps, digital media tools and K-12 educational links. These hand-made directories are organized to assist students, parents and teachers personalize their own digital space experience.

"Many people lean on technology to lead educational systems change. I'm more encouraged by the growing movement to focus on crafting 'well-being' into face-to-face learning environments as a catalyst for learning. Students today still need the human touch to guide their conversations and collaborations as they maturate in both physical and digital learning spaces."  Doug McIntosh
Consultant Project Features 
Maranatha Christian Schools K-5 'Makery'
I look forward to sharing this project very soon as we are now just waiting for the furniture to arrive!

Bishop High School
Bishop, California

From 20th Century Library to 21st Century Learning Commons
(click above to learn more and see the before and after slideshow pictures)

The Bishop High School Learning Commons was designed by a collaborative team that included: school and district administration, Rudolph Construction and D&D Resources sourced all the furniture. GROUPWERK's Doug McIntosh was the design lead for the interior layout of furniture and AV on this project. AV installation was performed by Melzak Media. The school's vision was to take the 1970's traditional library set up and transform it into a 21st century learning space divided into unique learning zones. 

Project Learning Spaces™ 

GROUPWERK™ orchestrates philanthropic projects by providing donated new furniture and equipment directly to teachers and librarians in K-12 schools transforming their classrooms, libraries and labs into engaging learning spaces.  

Contact Doug McIntosh from GROUPWERK™ at dgmcintosh@gma​ if you are interested in donating from the Amazon Wish List of learning space items, or just need more information on this unique program. GROUPWERK™ works directly with schools and their teachers and librarians in need of the items listed here. 

Or, use the various wish lists for your own use to print and discover items found in flexible learning spaces as ideas for shopping at Amazon, Walmart, IKEA and other competitive stores that carry similar products.

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