Project Learning Spaces 

GROUPWERK™ orchestrates philanthropic projects by providing donated new, sample or overstock furniture and equipment directly to teachers and librarians in K-12 schools- transforming their classrooms, libraries and labs into engaging learning spaces.  

Click on the info packet button below for more details of this innovative program as we partner with participating furniture businesses, organizations and citizens. 

Project Learning Spaces™ Wish List Program 
The Wish List Program operates on two fronts- 
  1. Contact Doug McIntosh from GROUPWERK™ at dgmcintosh@gma​ if you are interested in donating from one of the Wish List's below or just need more information on this unique program. GROUPWERK™ works directly with schools and their teachers and librarians in need of the items listed in the Wish Lists.

  2. Use the Wish Lists for your own purposes to print and discover items found in flexible learning spaces as ideas for shopping at Amazon, Walmart, IKEA, Ross and other competitive stores that carry similar products.
Planning Your Learning Space Resources
Furniture and Equipment Resources

Astoria and Compass have been in the forefront of hospitality and interior design furnishings for over 40 years. Our experience, dedication and competitive pricing have helped us to furnish thousands of hotels and residences with outstanding results.

No matter how big or small, our team is dedicated to make each project run quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves in our ability to transform your most unique custom designs into tangible reality.

Astoria Compass, a long established presence in the hospitality and interior design industries, brings traditional style and elegance to any setting.

Our contemporary looks create innovative trendsetting designs that impress and inspire. Through the combination of the two unique companies Astoria Compass offers competitive pricing on high end furnishings to suit every style PLUS

    •  Over 40 years of industry experience
    •  Debt free Privately held corporations
    •  Manufacturing facilities in Florida, North Carolina, Asia and Europe
    •  Warehousing in California, Florida and North Carolina
    •  Production quantities from 1 to 10,000 plus
    •  Custom Designs
    •  Warehouse stocking and quick ship on cataloged or program items
    •  Domestic and off shore production
    •  Compass Originals is WBE certified

                                                 from Astoria Compass website

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